How to decorate your space with confidence

Inside this Book You'll Discover:

How to create that jaw-dropping "WOW" factor when friends and family see your space for the first time.
Sandy's 10 "magic" design rules that make your space look like you spent a million bucks with a pro designer.
The insider "secrets" to creating a fabulous room makeover, even if you're on a budget.
Which of the 8 popular design influences fit your unique style best, so you can decorate with confidence.
How your inspiration and vision come together to easily create an exciting design plan you can bring to life!

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About the Author

Sandy’s quest to unmask the secrets of creating great design and sharing her process with others was the inspiration for this book. Through conversations with many clients and years of personal experience, she developed the 10 “Magic” Design Rules. Anyone following these easy to understand rules can learn to decorate their space with confidence.

Sandy’s guidance will empower and awaken your decorating senses, leaving you excited to start your next project!

As an award winning designer, Sandy's work has been featured in Orange Coast magazine. She started Re-Style Interiors in 2004, realizing a lifelong dream to express her creative talents and share those abilities with people every day. She transforms spaces by connecting with you on a creative level, reflecting your lifestyle and the inner you.

Sandy is an intuitive designer with a keen eye for exceptional interiors. She approaches every project with a unique creative flair that echoes your design desires bringing your ideas to life. Find out more about Sandy's projects and how you can work with her here.


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